Women’s Intensive Residential

Safety, Acceptance & Comfort: Healing Starts Here

The Credo Women’s Intensive Residential program is set in a beautifully renovated home just outside of downtown Watertown. The family-like atmosphere promotes a feeling of comfort which lends support to the residents during difficult times in treatment. Residents all share in the upkeep of the home and grounds and tend to the vegetable garden in the back.

Specialty Counseling Opportunities

Family, parenting, relapse prevention, relationships, general education, life skills, vocational training and self-awareness counseling are provided.

Individualized Treatment Structure

Our curriculum includes four levels allowing each client access to the level of structure and intensity that best suits her needs.

Pregnant Women & Mothers Welcome

Credo’s program serves women 16 years and older, pregnant women, and women with pre-school age children.

Educational/Vocational Services

Academic Testing
Career Assessment & Planning
Continuing Education Exploration
Employment Exploration
GED/TASC Information
Individual & Group Counseling
Job Preparation Activities
Interview Practice
Resume Assistance
Volunteer Coordination
Life Skills (Budgeting, Writing Checks)

Career Connections
Case Management
Consumer Credit Counseling
Dept. of Labor
Dept. of Social Services
Educational Institutions
Employment Agencies
The Work Place

For more information regarding our Vocational Opportunities, please contact
Jennifer Sztalkoper, Ph.D.- Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor at 315-804-7445 or jennifers@credocc.com


Credo Women’s Intensive Residential Program

About the Program

Download the current Resident Handbook here.

The Women’s Residence, established in April of 1998, serves up to 15 women and promotes the blending of healthy parenting skills with recovery skills.

The program is designed to help women develop skills and plans for clean and sober lifestyles, and address the impact that addiction has had on their lives that have led to damaging and/or life threatening abuse and dependence on drugs and alcohol.

At all stages, using person centered care this program assists women in examining their own power and resources, as well as recognizing and accessing their own individual life options. The emphasis of the Women’s Residence is to help each resident in achieving the following: empowerment, addiction/cross addiction awareness, healthy relationships, personal safety, assertiveness, family issues and physical and nutritional health.

Priority of Admissions into Credo Women’s Intensive Residential Program:
Pregnant IV Users
Pregnant Users
IV Users
All Others

  • Serving women 16 years of age and older
    • Including pregnant women and women with pre-school age children
  • Variable length of stay from 6 to 12 months
  • Ongoing cooperation with referral sources and outpatient programs
  • Case management and vocation education services
  • Referrals to other services and agencies
  • Physical fitness opportunities, both in the community and on residence
  • Four levels allowing each client access to the level of structure and intensity that best suits her needs
  • 40 hours minimum of treatment services weekly
  • Individual, peer and group counseling
    • Minimum of 1 Individual Session and 5 Groups weekly
      • Groups Include: Trauma, Childhood Roles, Self Matters, Drug History, Weekly House Group, Resident Group, Smoking Cessation, Spirituality, Family
  • Specialized classes on parenting, budgeting and nutrition
  • Family, parenting and relationship work
  • Stress reduction
  • Relapse prevention & discharge planning
  • Re-entry process
  • Employment, volunteer & educational opportunities
  • Encouraging the utilization of self-help principles

Referral & Insurance Information

This is a Congregate Care Level II program. Any individual not qualifying for DSS funding will qualify for a sliding fee scale. If potential client is under the age of 18, it is required a parent or legal guardian accompany her to the interview and admission.

Making a referral is now even easier.
Download a Referral Form here.

Central Information Unit: 1-888-585-2228

For a list of items a client can bring, see the Resident Handbook.