Residential Rehabilitation Services for Youth


The Farm 2020 (4 Minute Video)

The Credo Farm: More than Recovery, a Place to Grow

Credo’s Residential Rehabilitation Services for Youth program, known as The Farm, is located approximately 10 miles north of Watertown, NY on 115 acres of beautiful farmland. As the very first Credo program, The Farm has a rich history of successful completions and recovery for hundreds of youth across the state.


40+ Hours of Treatment Weekly

Programming includes over 40 hours of treatment per week including counseling, groups and other activities.

A Holistic View on Treating Addiction

The Farm offers rewarding experiences that require discipline, commitment and a healthy body and mind.

Personal 2:1 Staff to Client Ratio

Residents and staff work and play side-by-side in all aspects of the program.

About The Farm

RRSY Resident Handbook

The Farm offers a holistic rehabilitative environment for young men ages 16 to 20 with a substance abuse diagnosis. The program is individualized to meet each resident’s diverse needs, and offers a variable length of stay of up to 12 months with the average of 6 to 8 months, depending on progress in the program and individual circumstances.

The program encourages individuals to develop respect for self and others and responsibility via a wide variety of therapeutic activities, vocational and educational components, and recreational opportunities. The Farm environment promotes commitment, self-discipline, patience, and forgiveness.

The Farm encourages the use of various avenues of self-help. The residents learn to examine the impact that addiction has had on their lives and confront non-productive patterns that have led to dependence on drugs and alcohol.

  • Substance abuse rehabilitation
  • 40+ hours of treatment per week
  • Individual, group, family & peer counseling
  • Chemical dependency counseling
  • Psychotherapy counseling
  • Cooperation with referral sources & legal entities
  • Stress reduction
  • Co-Occurring Disorder counseling
  • Family Therapist/LMSW
  • Medicated Assisted Treatment as deemed necessary
  • Mental health evaluation & medication
  • Healthy recreation & leisure-time skill building
  • Improved health outcomes
  • New fitness experiences
  • Exposure to spirituality
  • Farming & gardening
  • Community service projects
  • Educational opportunities
  • On-site TASC readiness & testing
  • Referral services as needed
  • Vocational assessment & training
  • Work readiness & leadership
  • Relapse prevention training
  • Re-entry/discharge planning

Equine Assisted Therapy

In January 2019, the Farm began an Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT) Program.

This EAGALA Program, (Equine Assisted Growth And Learning Association) promotes physical, occupational, and emotional growth in persons suffering from ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Substance Use Disorders, Trauma, and other Mental Health problems.

EAT improves Assertiveness, Emotional Awareness, Empathy, Stress Tolerance, Flexibility, Impulse Control, Problem-solving Skills, Self-actualization, Independence, Self-regard, Social Responsibility, Interpersonal Relationships.

EAT helps clients through difficult moments with honest, nonjudgmental connection, and moves recovery “talk” towards internal change.


Referrals & Insurance

Clients come from across New York State. They are referred by Probation and Parole departments, Alternatives to Incarceration, courts, other treatment providers, physicians, schools, and families.

Making a referral is now even easier.
Download a Referral Form here.

Central Information Unit: 1-888-585-2228

We are eligible to be reimbursed by Medicaid, will accept insurance and offer a sliding fee scale for those who are private pay. Any individual not qualifying for DSS funding will qualify for a sliding fee scale.

If potential client is under the age of 18, it is required a parent or legal guardian accompany him to the interview and admission.