Credo Community Center has been in the business of providing services and treatment for over 40 years to individuals, groups, families, adults, adolescents and children, whose lives have been negatively impacted by substance abuse. The agency has grown and developed to meet the changing needs of the clients, the community and society.

The one constant has always been Credo’s philosophy: any individual needing and wanting treatment for substance abuse problems deserves to have the opportunity.

Our Executive Director: James P. Scordo

Jim joined the Credo family in March 1981. After a brief absence to explore other opportunities, Jim returned in August of 1983 as the Director of Credo’s residential program for adolescents, and he has been with the organization ever since.

While working full time at Credo’s adolescent program, Mr. Scordo returned to school to pursue his Masters in Social Work. He graduated from Adelphi University in August, 1988 with his MSW, later to be converted to LMSW. In addition he received his CASAC in 1987. In 1990 he was appointed as the Executive Director.

Mr. Scordo said one of the biggest challenges he faced at Credo was when the Credo Barn and most the animals were lost in a fire in January 1989. What happened after that was what working for a solid organization and supportive community is all about. The community pulled together, raising over $100,000 as well as over $75,000 in-kind donations, and 100 individuals worked together in an old-fashioned barn raising to put Credo’s Farm and work therapy program back in operation.

Over the years Credo has gone through many changes and growth in response to client and community needs. The merge of the Community Center for Alcoholism and the Credo Foundation was a major accomplishment in 2000. Mr. Scordo and Patricia Hinckley, former Director of Community Center for Alcoholism led the way. Mr. Scordo attributes the Credo success to the development of a Strategic Plan every three years since the mid 1990’s. The Strategic Plan has allowed the agency to be more proactive rather than reactive. It has provided a road map to the future. The Credo Board of Directors, management team and staff have been the backbone of the organization as the agency continues to make improvements while providing quality professional services.

Mr. Scordo is also a firm believer in volunteering and giving back to the community. He also stresses the importance of volunteering to the Credo employees who in turn help clients to understand the importance of volunteering as part of their recovery process.

Meet Credo’s Leadership Staff

Credo Operating Board (2018-2019)                                   Credo Foundation Board (2018-2019) 
President: Teresa Gaffney                                                    President: Shane Simser
Vice President: Peter Ouderkirk                                           Vice President: Michelle Capone
Secretary: Corey Zeigler                                                       Secretary: Stacy Spaziani
Treasurer: Joey M. Horton                                                    Treasurer: Clifford Brown

Cynthia Ackerman                                                                  Clifford Brown
Ken Baker                                                                               Michelle Capone
Edward Brown                                                                        Paul DiFabion
Dave Corey                                                                            James Heary
Cheryl Mayforth                                                                      Tim Kelly
Teresa Gaffney                                                                       Edie Marsala
Dave Guertson                                                                       Toby Schilling
Amy O’Donnell                                                                       Shane Simser
Joey Marie Horton                                                                  Stacy Spaziani
Edie Marsala                                                                           Paul Trimper
Martin Morrison                                                                       Terry Williams
John Nuber
Peter Ouderkirk
Sam Purrington
Sandra Spadoni
Corey Zeigler
Victor Rodriguez